We do not except returns. All sales are final. 


Should your item arrive damaged, defective, or it breaks, you may return the item within 30 days from the date of receipt and we will replace it.





We offer one flat rate of $3.50 for shipping. Please allow up to two weeks on general orders and 3 weeks for custom orders.


Q​  How do I know what size bracelet to order?

A   Please see our size guide link located at the bottom of the page for instructions on how to measure your wrist.

Consider whether or not you want a snug or loose fit and adjust the sizing accordingly. 

Why is my item a different color than the photo posted?  

A   one reason your bracelet might appear to be a different shade of color than the photo posted is            because we use natural materials. Keep in mind that stones and woods come in many variations of        color, size, and shape. Each bead may vary from the next. Another reason your item may appear            to be a different color is due lighting of the photo. We do our best to ensure the photos posted            are an accurate reflection of the actual item.

What materials do you use to create your pieces?

A    We use mostly semi-precious stone and wood beads. A few of our items are made with glass and           or ceramic beads. The string material used is a latex stretch string in our stretch bracelets. We also         offer a latex free elastic string as well as the nylon cord used in most of our necklaces and                       adjustable bracelets.   

How do I take care of my stones?

A   -Polish your stone with a microfiber cloth

      -Dropping your stone may cause cracks, chipping, and breaks in your stones so do your best to               keep them on your wrist

      -You can wear your bracelet or necklace in the water but it is not recommended. It will cause the             item to wear faster. 

      -For our gemstone enthusiasts, you can charge your stones in the moonlight and or use a clear               quartz crystal to re-energize and center your stone.

What should I do if my item breaks?

A   Please see our return/exchange policy listed above. We use a very durable elastic string or a nylon        cord to make our pieces, however, they are not indestructible. To preserve your jewelry and                    prevent premature breakage, roll your bracelet on rather than stretch it over your hand to put it on.


How do the adjustable bracelets work?

A   Video link on how to adjust and wear your adjustable bracelet coming soon!


Q What information do I include in my custom order request?

A  Please be as detailed as possible with your custom order.

-Bead type(s)

-Bead size


-Design pattern

-Types of accent pieces (gold/silver/wood/cooper/black/etc

-Type of charm/pendant

-String type

-Closure type on the adjustable bracelets 


Q  What is a Mala necklace/bracelet and or Chakra bracelets?

A  Please see the Finding Your Stone page located at the top of the page.